Sur le web : Pirelli has to develop new 2024 F1 tyres ‘from scratch’

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Sep.6 – Pirelli will have to develop its Formula 1 tyres for the 2024 season « from scratch », according to the Italian supplier’s Mario Isola.

He says it’s because the sport is gradually phasing out the use of tyre-warming blankets, which will be banned completely from 2024.

« It’s not enough to simply develop different compounds that warm up better, » Isola told Sky Deutschland. « The problem is that the cars are so much faster now and they divert a lot of energy into the tyres.

Current F1 schedule 'demanding' for tyre testingCurrent F1 schedule 'demanding' for tyre testing

Mario Isola, Racing Manager, Pirelli Motorsport (Photo by Zak Mauger / LAT Images)

« You won’t be able to tell a driver to just slow down for a few laps to extend the life of the tyres. These guys are racing and have to push straight away.

« That’s why we have to develop the tyres from scratch. »

F1 began to wean itself off tyre blankets last year with in-garage temperature limits that will reduce even more for 2023. But Isola says Pirelli needs actual on-track testing time for the most accurate tyre development.

It is believed extra practice time will therefore be allocated for tyre testing at Suzuka and Austin.

« We need these tests, » Isola said.

« Of course we can do a few simulations to see how a construction behaves under certain pressures and what the temperature distribution looks like.

« But the final judgment is made on the track and we need current cars with the new tyres for this, without the electric blankets. »

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