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In Conversation with Tom McCullough, Performance Director

Singapore, the glittering jewel in the F1 crown, awaits as Aston Martin revs up for another electrifying showdown under the city lights. With the 16th consecutive points-scoring weekend on their horizon, we caught up with Tom McCullough, Performance Director of Aston Martin, to dive into the excitement.

Q: Scoring points 16 times in a row is an incredible feat. How do you reflect on this achievement?

« Scoring points 16 times in a row is no small feat. It’s a testament to the relentless dedication of our team. We’re not just racing; we’re battling against formidable adversaries while still in the growth phase – expanding our Technology Campus and recruiting top-notch talent. To finish first, you must first finish, and our team’s reliability has been a cornerstone of our success. Our scoring streak is a tribute to the exceptional efforts of our team and our phenomenal drivers, Lance and Fernando. »

Q: As the season progresses, are there more upgrades in store for the AMR23?

« Our development journey has been unwavering for the past 18 months. We’ve stayed true to our philosophies and continue to bring enhancements to the track throughout the year. Many parts have been in the pipeline for a while, and as we hit the track, more are on the way. While it’s more challenging to bring parts to flyaway races, our logistical prowess ensures that late deliveries, even as late as Friday morning, reach the track. It’s all part of our well-executed plan. »

Q: What’s the target for the final eight rounds of the season?

« Our target is to reclaim second place in the Constructors’ Championship – a bold aspiration given the fierce competition. Mercedes has been strong, and Ferrari had a standout performance at Monza. As we return to high-downforce tracks, we aim to up our game. At this stage, the margins are razor-thin, and it’s about who can bring the best developments to the track and execute flawlessly. »

Q: How will the changes to the Marina Bay Circuit impact the race?

« Singapore and Japan are unique challenges that ignite excitement for both engineers and fans. In Singapore, the unpredictability of touching the walls and the frequent Safety Car appearances heighten the tension. Planning is key; we simulate scenarios for every lap in case of a Safety Car. The layout changes, particularly in Sector Three, should be kinder to the tires, with fewer braking and traction zones. In essence, they’ve simplified the circuit, giving the tires a better shot in the last few corners. »

Q: Racing in different time zones can be challenging. How do you adapt?

« With the night race in Singapore, we align our schedule with European time. Curfew times are based around session timings, and sessions occur late in the day or at night. However, the challenge is going back to the hotel when daylight breaks. Excessive exposure to natural daylight before sleep can disrupt our sleep patterns. We’re off to Japan next week, and there’s time to acclimate to the time zone. Adrenaline keeps us going as we analyze, debrief, and prepare between races. It’s after the Japanese Grand Prix when the fatigue hits. We’ve been on the go for days, physically and mentally, and recovery can be tough. »

Insight and Speed with Cognizant

Race Interruptions: Marina Bay has seen its share of drama, with rain and frequent Safety Car appearances. Expect the unexpected.

Overtaking: Historically a challenging venue for overtaking, this year’s layout changes may offer more opportunities for thrilling passes.

Strategy: A one-stop strategy is likely the fastest, but with a tricky pit entry and a high pit loss, strategy will be key to success in Singapore.

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