Information toute fraiche : Ferrari F1 Future and Motivation Unveiled

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Aug.9 – Charles Leclerc has denied reports that he has already inked a contract extension that will see him stay at Ferrari at least until 2026.

The rumours come despite parallel rumours that the 25-year-old Monegasque is losing motivation amid Ferrari’s ongoing performance and operational struggles.

« I look for motivation in whatever situation I find myself in to make the most of what we have, » Leclerc has now told Corriere dello Sport.

« At the moment the car is what it is and unfortunately miracles do not exist. But that’s where you have to find the strength to continue.

« At the beginning of the season we almost had to reset our expectations because the car was not at the level we expected, » he added. « But we are clear about how we have to improve. »

A key to Leclerc staying at Ferrari could be his close ties to new-in-2023 boss Frederic Vasseur.

« Yes, apart from the love for Ferrari that has always existed and continues to exist, I share many things with Fred, and many of them have to do with plans for the future. We are aligned, » Leclerc said.

« I know what is coming and I have faith. »

Nonetheless, he has been linked with a sensational departure from the Maranello based team in recent months.

« The rumours that put me in other teams just means that I’m doing my job well. But I’m indifferent about them because I know what I want. I still don’t know what Ferrari wants from me, » Leclerc said.

« The discussions about the contract haven’t started yet, but everything is clear to me, » he insists. « I love Ferrari and I want to win here. That is my priority. »

A Leclerc contract extension would be a clear feather-in-the-cap for Vasseur, as he tries to emulate the meteoric success of his fellow Frenchman Jean Todt.

« Jean was great at surviving and developing the team well, » Vasseur said.

« I think it was more difficult for Jean to just survive those seven years between 1993 and 2000 than to then win titles over and over again, » he laughed.

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