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Dans le cadre de notre devoir de vous alerter, nous publions ci-dessous un article vu sur internet aujourd’hui. La thématique est «la formule 1».

Son titre (Sam Michael 2023 Beyond the grid podcast interview) condense tout le papier.

Annoncé sous le nom «Leopold», l’écrivain est positivement connu pour plusieurs autres articles qu’il a publiés sur le web.

Vous pouvez lire ces infos en toute confiance.

Voilà ll’article en question :

« Could I really be up to the task? » This was the initial thought of Sam Michael as he began his journey in F1, unsure of his ability to maintain pace in the high-octane world of motor racing. Yet, he would eventually rise to prominence, guiding two of the sport’s most renowned teams. Starting as a race engineer with Jordan in the late ’90s, Sam quickly ascended through the ranks, taking on senior director roles at both Williams and McLaren during the 2000s. After a stellar career, he decided to step away from F1 in 2014.

In a conversation with Tom Clarkson, Sam looks back on his over two-decade-long involvement in the apex of motorsport and discusses the individuals who had the most significant impact on his career. Offering intriguing insights into his collaborations with major figures such as Lewis Hamilton, Juan Pablo Montoya, and Rubens Barrichello, Sam provides a unique perspective on what sets the top-tier racers apart from the pack.

He sheds light on the unique test he designed to gauge drivers’ understanding of their machines, what he yearns for from his F1 days, and a wealth of other intriguing subjects.

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