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Sep.27 – Sergio Perez admits he hired a « mental coach » this year as the pressure of being dominant Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen’s teammate ramped up.

Many insiders believe that, notwithstanding the Mexican’s signed-and-sealed 2024 contract, recent races indicate the Perez is no longer up to the task of being a Red Bull driver.

« When the season started, the car suited me perfectly, » Perez, 33, has now told De Limburger newspaper.

« But cars evolve during the season. After Miami it went downhill for me. I had another car that didn’t suit me very well.

« I then failed to get into Q3 a few times, which affected my confidence and made me drive a lot slower. But in the beginning I was competing for the world title.

« That was very difficult. Because when you drive for a top team, the pressure to perform increases rapidly, » said Perez.

However, notwithstanding his dismal and calamitous Japanese GP, Perez insists he has improved.

« My confidence returned when I realised that I had won races on my own earlier in the year, » he said. « I dare say that I am now 100 percent again.

« And I am once again convinced that I have a chance at the world title next year. »

However, he admits his 2023 struggles have affected him far behind the race track.

« Formula 1 is my sport, my life, my passion, » said Perez. « When you have such a hard time at work, it is difficult to be cheerful at home with your wife and children.

« That’s why I hired a mental coach, because my family deserves to have that cheerful father at home. Together with my coach, I worked on becoming the best version of myself at home, but also as a driver. »

He therefore hits back at the notion that he is set to lose his Red Bull seat sooner rather than later.

« I am grateful to Red Bull for giving me the opportunity to drive for a top team, » said Perez. « After all, I am a driver who did not come from their own program.

« It would be great if I could end my career here. But being a driver for this team is not easy. Red Bull works in a different way than most teams.

« But that’s why they’re so successful. »

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