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Nov.25 – Red Bull’s door is « open » to welcoming Sebastian Vettel in the event the quadruple world champion wants to re-enter Formula 1.

The energy drink stable has just snapped up its out-of-work former grand prix winner Daniel Ricciardo for a test and marketing role in 2023.

35-year-old Vettel, however, may not be interested in racing again, but a role in F1 team management.

Marko urges Vettel to leave FerrariMarko urges Vettel to leave Ferrari

Helmut Marko & Sebastian Vettel (2011)

« We have two teams, so we are open to that, » said Dr Helmut Marko when told that German Vettel, who won all four of his titles at Red Bull, may come back in a non-racing role.

« His life will definitely be different from the one had had as a driver. He’d come to work earlier, leave later and receive only a small part of a pilot’s salary, » he smiled.

For his part, Vettel says he will at least initially take a break from the hectic schedule of a F1 driver next year.

Beyond that, however, he is open to a team management role.

« It’s ok, I’m used to getting up early with the kids, » Vettel smiled. « And when I was in Formula 3, a certain Helmut Marko woke me up at seven in the morning.

« But yes, I know very well that the drivers need to consciously allocate time for rest, while the leaders of the teams are constantly dealing with things. »

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