Dernière actualité toute fraiche : Has Carlos Sainz Overtaken Leclerc as Ferrari’s No. 1 Driver?

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Sep.19 – The Italian press is openly wondering whether Ferrari has a new ‘number 1’ driver.

Carlos Sainz has appeared more competitive than de-facto Ferrari favourite Charles Leclerc since the summer break, with back-to-back poles at Monza and Singapore and a second career victory on Sunday.

« But that doesn’t mean that he has now replaced Charles Leclerc, » former F1 driver Timo Glock told Sky Deutschland.

« At Ferrari there is no clear number 1. In my opinion, both drivers are on equal terms. »

However, Sainz’s speed and strategic intelligence and confidence in Singapore now has some of the most respected names in Italian media questioning whether a hierarchy shift has actually taken place.

« Ferrari finds itself in the unexpected situation of having two captains, » Leo Turrini told Sky Italia. « Before, Leclerc was the leader – but now Sainz has climbed the hierarchy. »

La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Giusto Ferronato agrees: « The victory complete with pole position has formally opened a debate – that of the duel for internal supremacy with Leclerc.

« After Singapore, is it now a fact that Carlos has overturned the hierarchy? »

The same sports newspaper’s Luigi Perna said: « Sainz was perfect. Like (Gilles) Villeneuve at Jarama in 1981.

« He is intelligent like Niki Lauda and smart like Alain Prost. Until now Sainz was a solid and reliable driver. After Singapore, he is a champion.

« He has changed the game and enters the class of drivers capable of doing special things like Hamilton or Alonso. »

An editorial at Tuttosport continued: « Why Sainz is now the leader. Was Singapore the turning point?

« What we saw was tactical genius like a computer driver such as Prost but with the passion of a Spaniard. »

And Giorgio Terruzzi wrote in Corriere della Sera: « He seems in love, with light in his eyes. The confidence of a leader. What has changed with this superb demonstration? »

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