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Aug.31 – In a move that cements their commitment to a winning formula, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team has unveiled its intentions to maintain the dynamic driver duo of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell for the forthcoming two seasons. Having joined forces at the outset of the 2022 campaign, this partnership, grounded in a history of triumphs, is set to endure.

Looking ahead, Lewis Hamilton’s tenure with the team will extend into the 2024 and 2025 seasons, ensuring the preservation of a remarkable partnership that has yielded six World Drivers’ Championships and an impressive eight World Constructors’ Championships. Lewis’ journey with the works team has been defined by 82 victories and 78 pole positions, elevating him to the pinnacle of the sport’s chronicles. With this extension, the record-breaking team-driver alliance in the annals of Formula One will persist for at least a remarkable 13 years.

For George Russell, the narrative continues. His alliance with Mercedes commenced in 2017 and is now slated to persist until the culmination of the 2025 season. Emerging from the team’s Junior program, Russell’s ascent through the ranks to the F1 circuit has been marked by determination. His noteworthy performances, particularly highlighted by his maiden Grand Prix triumph at last year’s São Paulo Grand Prix, underscore his promising trajectory.

Lewis Hamilton conveyed his thoughts, saying, « Our aspiration to be the best propels us every day, and over the past decade, we’ve toiled relentlessly to realize this vision. Ascending to the summit demands time, dedication, and unwavering diligence; and it’s a privilege to etch our names alongside this exceptional team in the annals of history. »

He continued, « Our hunger for victory has never been more voracious. Lessons have been gleaned from victories and setbacks alike. The pursuit of our dreams endures, unabated by challenges. Victory is inevitable. I extend my gratitude to the team, a constant source of support both on and off the track. Our saga persists; our resolve unshaken. Together, we shall triumph. »

Echoing the sentiment, George Russell remarked, « My journey with this team began in 2017 as part of the Junior program. This team is my home, and the extension of our special bond to 2025 is truly gratifying. »

« Having stepped into the Mercedes race seat last year, I aimed to validate the trust reposed in me by Toto and the entire team. The taste of my inaugural pole position and race victory remains unparalleled. Yet, beyond personal milestones, collaborating with the exceptional individuals at Brackley and Brixworth to enhance our car and propel our development forward has been immensely rewarding. »

He emphasized, « Our growth over the past 18 months has been significant, and our unity as a team strengthens daily. I eagerly anticipate contributing to this upward trajectory in 2024 and 2025, as we strive to reclaim our position at the forefront of the pack. »

Toto Wolff, CEO and Team Principal, expressed, « Continuing with our present driver pairing was a logical choice. The most potent duo on the grid, both drivers are pivotal in propelling the team towards a promising future. Their solidity and reliability will serve as cornerstones for our impending triumphs. »

Wolff added, « Our partnership with Lewis stands as one of the most successful in the sport’s chronicles. The decision to persist was never in doubt; publicly affirming this is invigorating for all. Lewis’ attributes as a consummate racer are evident from his exceptional track record. However, his evolution into a pillar of leadership within our team is equally noteworthy. This leadership acumen assumes paramount significance as we renew our pursuit of world championships. »

« In his capacity as F1’s global icon, he has also been instrumental in shaping our commitments to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability – keystones underpinning our forthcoming victories. »

George Russell, emblematic of his generation, also earned commendations from Wolff: « George, a rising luminary, has been a cherished member of the Mercedes family since 2017. His promotion to a race seat in 2022 was a well-placed bet that paid off. His debut pole position in Hungary and inaugural Grand Prix triumph in São Paulo during the past season were moments of brilliance. »

Wolff emphasized, « His driving prowess, melded with the tenacity of a true contender, underscores his competence. Beyond this, his intellect and meticulousness promise continual growth. A seamless fit for the team, we are elated to extend our collaboration for the impending years. »

Markus Schäfer, Non-Executive Chairman & Mercedes-Benz AG CTO, shared his reflections: « Lewis’ association with Mercedes-Benz dates back to the nascent stages of his career. Over this period, he has clinched seven World Drivers’ Championships, boasting an impressive tally of 103 race victories, 195 podium finishes, and 104 pole positions. His aspiration and dedication to triumph stand unparalleled. His unwavering positivity and commitment to personal and team betterment are wellsprings of pride for the entire Mercedes-Benz fraternity. »

Schäfer continued, « George, too, has seamlessly integrated into the Mercedes-Benz fold since 2017. Progressing through the ranks after joining our Junior program, his growth has been a captivating narrative. Witnessing his inaugural Grand Prix victory was a momentous occasion, a testament to his exceptional talent. The robust camaraderie shared by George and Lewis furnishes a robust foundation for the team’s future triumphs. »

He concluded, « The road ahead with these two drivers promises more triumphs, and we eagerly anticipate scripting further chapters of success. The team’s motivation for the ongoing season is unwavering, carrying this fervor into 2024 and beyond. »

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