A découvrir : McLaren and AlphaTauri to benefit from Aston Martin’s loss of F1 aerodynamicists?

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Mar.29 – A « worrying leak of engineers » is taking place at the suddenly-competitive Aston Martin team.

That is the news from Alguer Tulleuda Bonifacio, a correspondent for the Spanish sports daily Diario Sport.

He claims that, off the back of Fernando Alonso’s surprise back-to-back podiums behind the dominant Red Bull drivers so far in 2023, « three aerodynamicists have parted ways » with the Silverstone based team.

They are Grant Kennedy, Mariano Alperin and Guru Johl – with Kennedy and Alperin heading to the struggling McLaren team.

Johl, meanwhile, is switching to another struggling F1 team – AlphaTauri.

« However, Aston Martin are not concerned about their departure because they were important for the development of last year’s car. Their role in Alonso’s car has been practically residual, » Bonifacio said.

Former F1 driver Marc Surer, meanwhile, insists that suggestions Alonso may already be in a position to secure his coveted third drivers’ title are premature.

« It will only be possible if other drivers drop out, » he told formel1.de.

« If Red Bull continues to have problems with reliability, Alonso will certainly have a chance. Otherwise Aston Martin need to develop the car better than Red Bull.

« It is an advantage that Aston Martin was ranked so low last year, because with the wind tunnel time that can pay off during the course of the season, » Surer added.

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